Orientation 2016 Theme Reveal!


Hello everyone, Olivia here! Your other student life assistant. The team here has been working hard this summer, along with the Ryerson Arts Society, to bring the incoming students an exciting and engaging orientation day!

Every year, the Faculty of Arts orientation day takes place on the Tuesday of orientation week. This year, the big day is on Tuesday August 30th, and with help from RAS it will be bigger and better than ever before! 
Our theme this year is Carnival!!!

Design by: Marzia Riaz
…Which means there will be a day full of live music, carnival games, prizes, food and much more!
We've got activities starting from 9 in the morning and going to 7 in the evening (and beyond…)

We, here at the Student Experience Centre, have been planning many activities, engaging course unions and volunteers, as well as securing food vendors and sponsors (and bands!!!) that will help to create the welcoming and exciting atmosphere of orientation!

Last year's Festival orientation! Food. Need I say more?
I went to my orientation in first year, and I definitely enjoyed the academic sessions in the morning where I got to meet my course union as well as learn more about my program itself! I met a few people from my program and had good conversations with upper year ACS students! After the free lunch, there were activities which I participated in, but after a few minutes and dripping from sweat many people went home, which made me feel as if I should leave as well.  This year, we have been working hard to come up with activities and have been training volunteers to engage new students, making sure you want to stay, so you can have fun, meet peers and upper year students, as well as discover more of the campus that YOU will be on for the next 4+ years!

Arts students at last year's Festival orientation!

For many of you, this is your first or second time on campus as new students. The volunteers you interact with, the people you meet, and the places on campus you pass by will be the defining moments in how your year will start... and we want it to start off on the best note possible!
We have a few new things that we are very excited about this year! Firstly, we are having 5 live bands playing throughout the day, one during the welcome in the Upper Gym (who will also be returning for our event in the evening), 3 during our carnival in the quad and the final one as the big finally! STAY TUNED FOR THE LINEUP REVEAL!

Secondly, we are having a meet & greet event after dinner for our students to meet their first year professors, program administrators, and student leaders. This is something that has been added to this year by popular demand! New students have voiced that they want to meet their first year professors in a casual setting before the first day of classes in the large lecture hall! We hope that you will join us in the evening for that event as we are super excited! And there’s music, free food and drinks, so why not.

If even after all of this explanation and hype about this year’s event, you’re still asking “why should I even go to orientation?” Take it from someone on the inside… It is not only informative, but you will meet your fellow peers who will be in classes with you for the next few years, win SICK prizes, listen to amazing bands (hint: some of whom are actually arts students!) and eat amazing FREE food. I mean the food alone should make you want to have orientation tomorrow! (Trust me, you’ll want the food…)

We hope to see YOU at the Carnival! And you can find me wherever the food is…


P.S. Don’t forget to go to your faculty enrollment day to learn about how to enroll in your courses!
P.S.S. Am I talking about food too much? I think I’m just hungry.


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