Meet the Volunteers: Brook Pickering

My name is Brook Pickering and I am going into my third year at Ryerson with a major in sociology and a minor in criminology. 
Brook at the 2016 ARTeries conference 

I have been involved with a wide range of student groups such as the equestrian team, Model UN, Ryerson Arts Society, and Arteries Undergraduate Research Conference. The 2016 orientation will be the second consecutive year I have volunteered with the Faculty of Arts, as well as assisted with the enrollment workshops. Last year I witnessed incoming students begin their road to Ryerson and start what I know will be some of the best four years of their life. Actively participating in orientation, as an incoming student or a volunteer, has allowed me to make incredible friendships with other students both within my program and in other departments.

Brook Pickering

The Ryerson community to me is like a team, we work together to make the changes we want to see. I have been very lucky to work with brilliant individuals who are passionate about making a difference and are willing to team up with me to make those changes happen. There are so many ways to get involved with the Ryerson community. What usually starts out as a coffee meeting can turn into a partnership on a project. Sometimes you meet someone in the hallway or the student lounge and they become one of those friends that you know will forever be part of your life. Opportunity is all around you at Ryerson, and in the Faculty of Arts, I know the support system in place is there when I need it.

She rides horses

As the Chair of the Arteries Undergraduate Research Conference I enjoy working with my committee and working on a project that encourages students to take their passion for research to the next level. During my time at Ryerson my beliefs and values have changed, and it is mostly because of my peers who challenge me to take on a different perspective. Every year I take great pleasure in watching undergraduate students present their research to their peers, professors and the Ryerson community. Being witness the brilliance that is demonstrated at the conference by Ryerson students is by far my best Ryerson experience.

But that T-shirt self reference 


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