Faculty of Arts 2016 Board Competition

Last week our amazing course unions created some great masterpieces for the Arts Lounge (and the GEO/EUS lounge) Boards!

They came in and got creative.

Geo getting their head in the game 
They got competitive 

Olivia and I photobombing IEF & POG
They brought me an icecap and made me happy (brownie points for EUS)

EUS Smiling 'cause they made a new BFF (me)

Olivia and I probably not doing our work

 They had fun
CRM getting it 

EUS's Stacey doing great things

GEO mapping out their board (lol get it?)

 And they created some great pieces and transformed the lounge.

Help your program win! Check out the final products and vote for your favourite board here:  http://goo.gl/forms/U1GEW2nssKTSuAhF2 


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