#EmptyROM: Chihuly Exhibit

Last week I had the opportunity to participate in the Royal Ontario Museum's #EmptyROM Tours. It was basically myself and about 8 or 9 other people who had the chance to view some of the special exhibits at the ROM before hours of operation. Any one who knows me in the slightest, is aware of my irrational obsession with the ROM (If you remember my "10 Things to do in the City this Summer" post you'll know what I mean), so obviously I took advantage of the opportunity to write a post on it!

Let's take a journey through #ROMChihuly...

Float Boat

The exhibit features displays by Dale Chihuly, an American sculptor who creates breathtaking pieces from fire and sand. His focused medium is glass, ice, water and neon. when I say his sculptures are ridiculously gorgeous - I mean it. The fine detail and precision of the art is indescribable for below-average talent-less artists like myself. Instead of trying to explain and describe the pieces, I will let you see what I am talking about (please excuse my pitiful camera quality):

This is the first thing you see when walking into the exhibit. 

 The second room of the exhibit features this arrangement of glass sculptures that makes you feel like you are living and walking through as a mermaid.  The shapes and colours remind you of being in a coral reef, and the detail makes it feel like the artist lifted a scene out of "The Little Mermaid" and dropped it straight in the middle of the ROM.

The second room of the exhibit. 

Just look. 

Look at the detail of this sphere. LOOK

The next room gets you by surprise, as the main art is partially hidden. Once you round the corner you see THIS:

Sapphire Neon Tumbleweeds

Chihuly's take on neon is fresh and exciting. I probably stood there looking at it for 10 minutes. The "Sapphire Neon Tumbleweeds" light up the entire space and stick out from the rest of the pieces, and that is probably my favorite part about them.

My camera does not do this justice. 

The photo I took while freaking out about what a sight this was. 
The room that came after this, and hands down my favorite room in the entire exhibit, felt like a dream.

You walked into a room that looked like this: 

 The room itself consisted of a ceiling covered in Chihuly's glass pieces. They cast the cool light glow on the rest of the room. There's also bean bag chairs and benches in the room, so you can lie down and stare up at the display and be in awe.

The great thing about this exhibit, is that it was created FOR photography (Mainly Instagram) purposes. So the lighting and angles are always on your side. 10/10

That's all for the post, but here are some additional photos for you to enjoy. Overall definitely check out the exhibit - it is a must see! 



Learn more about Dale Chihuly and his work here:  http://www.chihuly.com/ 
Check out the ROM exhibit here: http://www.rom.on.ca/en/chihuly 


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