“You can sit with us”

To all Ryerson Ramily and Friends – HAPPY PRIDE!

Look its Yonge & College 

Fun fact: this year Canada is hosting our first ever pride MONTH. That’s right – not week, but MONTH.  The Pride celebrations most commonly happen all over the world in the month of June, to honour the Stonewall Riots, which sparked the beginning of the LGBT movement. Pride Toronto will be featuring all of its regularly scheduled events on top of an extended month’s worth of activities and events focused on engaging, educating and celebrating the LGBTQA community. 

This year’s Pride theme is “You Can Sit With Us”, signifying the inclusive and diverse values the event and community stand for.  You may have already seen artwork and advertisements decorating Toronto broadcasting this theme. The aim of the campaign this year is to feature “You”. “You” as in the community that celebrates and supports the values and rights of the LGBTQA and recognizes 
their struggles and hardships.

Why Pride is so important.

Pride is important for, not only celebrating the uniqueness of each individual, but also to promote understanding and learning about differences in sexuality, gender identity, culture, etc. that make us all diverse and special. To the LTBTQA community, it is an especially important month to be proud of who they are and where they come from. It is a time of shared festivities and summer events where members and supporters of all communities can come together to celebrate the various ways that love and identity can be expressed. 

This year, the movement would like us to also remember that Pride is political in it's value and goals as well. It acts as a powerful public platform to convey the struggles and journeys of the community. One of the most valuable experiences a member of the queer community can get from Pride, is the feeling of finally belonging as a part of something whole. For individuals who are severely unrepresented, marginalized. and quite often misrepresented, it is inspiring and moving to have this support of friends, family, and people they identify with around them. 

Why this Pride is extra-important.

This year's horrific Orlando shooting has left a standing message about homophobia, and it's clear that we need stop pretending that homophobia is gone. While this has been a year for great progress for equal rights, and while we have come such a long way in the past few decades, there is still a great deal of work to be done. 

So whether or not you will participate in the festivities this year, please keep in mind the roots of the movement, the importance of it, and the values and meaning behind it.

What pride Toronto events are happening

Check out this link to see what events are happening. 

Display your pride 

Ryerson campus hosted a #DisplayYourPride contest. check out the link below to see how different spaces around Ryerson celebrated.

Click here

How you can participate


Love yourself, love your worth, love all.

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