Last Week in Arts


Last week our incredible Faculty of Arts Graduates walked the stage at convocation and we couldn't be more proud of them all! Our newest alumni rung in the convocation celebrations with amazing spirit and pride. Below are a couple of our fine graduates with a little message to all their peers.

Name: Jamie Lee Morin
Program: English, BA
Message: This is the moment to celebrate, as a proud Metis woman. Indigenous students like me must overcome many obstacles to become a graduate, and our numbers continue to rise. The past 5 years have been absolutely transformative to who I am as a student, as a professional, and as an individual. My #RoadfromRyerson is about recognizing and continuing on the ever-going journey of learning.
Jamie celebrating the end of her Ryerson Undergrad era
PC: Joleine Kasper

Name: Edgar Baculi
Program: Geographic Analysis, BA
Message: Reflecting on four years of Geographic Analysis at Ryerson University, I am grateful for the opportunities put forward for me, but above all my initiative. My success with internships, contributing to research, and experiencing student leadership, was made possible by my choices and support from others. I was able to explore the world in the classroom, playing with GIS (geographic information systems), but I urge students to be aggressive in experiencing their passions outside of campus. Finding and sustaining a balance between grades and being proactive will make that walk across the stage at graduation even sweeter.

Edgar Baculi with Dean of Arts and mom

Here are some more photos of the freshly graduated: 
Geographic Analysis Graduate, Karen Guercin with Family & Ramily

Group shot

GA Grad, Patrick with family

Environment & Urban Sustainability Grad, Sarah Brigel with Dean of Arts

Volunteer Social 

Additionally, this week the Student Experience Team met up with their Arts Enrollment/Orientation volunteers for the first social of the summer! We all went to VIP Billiards and Lounge and had a fantastic evening of pool, food, and socially awkward fun. Basically it was a huge success and we cannot wait for Orientation to arrive!

If you missed out on the fun, don't worry - there are two more socials on the way (just make sure to check your e-mails)! And if you are not yet a volunteer and would like to be, please e-mail our Student Life Advisor, Avala Moore ( right away to sign up - deadline to apply is this Friday!

Check out some photos of the evening:

It's not a social until you're posing for a group shot

Olivia and Sonny acting hip


Make sure you stay up to date with the blog as we have some more exciting events and announcements on the way!
Bye Friends.


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