Meet the Faculty of Arts' new Interim Associate Dean: Dr. Andrew Hunter

Dr. Andrew Hunter is the new Interim Associate Dean of the Faculty of Arts at Ryerson. Previously, Dr. Hunter was the Chair of the Philosophy and Music department for almost 10 years before joining the Dean's office.  Dr. Hunter replaces Dr. Marcia Moshe, who has moved into the position of Vice-Provost, Academic.

We sat down with Dr. Hunter to have a quick chat and to discuss his new role as Interim Associate Dean.

The Arts Student Life team would like to know, what is your favourite quality about the Faculty of Arts?

Hunter: I really like the energy of the students. They are so enthusiastic and very diverse!

How about the Faculty in general?

Hunter: There is so many activities taking place in the faculty. I really enjoy the amount of research projects being done.  Our faculty members are a very collegial group and everyone is very friendly.

What is your favourite show?

Hunter: Sherlock!

What are your goals while being in this position as Associate Dean?

Hunter: I really want to support and be there for all the Arts students, including the 11 Course Unions and the newly formed Ryerson Arts Society. I also want to help my faculty members and colleagues.


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