The Faculty of Arts Orientation is right around the corner! Orientation is the perfect opportunity to meet new friends, get familiar with campus and get more comfortable with university life. If you are nervous about coming to Orientation, well guess what... YOU ARE NOT ALONE!!! Orientation is meant to be awkward - at first. Of course there is going to be small conversations and awkward interactions, but that is the beauty of Orientation. Orientation is here to get those awkward and nervous feelings out of your system, so when classes start (on September 8th), you will be ready to take on Ryerson!

This year, the Arts Orientation is going to be the best one yet! Planned by the Arts Student Life team, there will be a live band, free food, plenty of prizes and 100 upper year Arts Ambassadors to guide you through Orientation. 

So don't miss it and be sure to RSVP to the Arts Orientation here: Faculty of Arts Orientation

We will see you on September 1st!

Note: The Faculty of Arts Orientation is for incoming students in the following programs: Arts and Contemporary Studies, Criminology, International Economics and Finance, English, Environment and Urban Sustainability, Geographic Analysis, History, Philosophy, Politics and Governance, Psychology, Sociology, Undeclared Arts 


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