Meet the New ACS/SECT Student Life Advisor Assistant

Hello Everyone,

My name is Akhil Shiv Kumar and I'm the new ACS/SECT Student Life Advisor Assistant for the Student Experience Centre. I'm uber-excited to help put together an exciting Orientation Week and Enrolment workshop for the Class of 2019! I'm headed into my third year of an Arts and Contemporary Studies degree (English Major). Along with working for the Student Experience Centre, I also work with TEDxRyersonU as a Co-Speakers Steering Lead. In my free time I enjoy reading, working out and sleeping! 

Here are some of my favourite things: 

Artist: U2 
Song: Bound 2 by Kanye West 
TV Show: The Wire  
Favourite Food: Pho!
Quote: "Better three hours too soon than a minute too late" William Shakespeare
Fun Fact: I can dunk a basketball and I can burp the alphabet. 

If you think I'm an interesting dude after reading that list make sure to come say hello! 



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