Class of 2015: Spring Convocation

Another year has gone by and another group of Arts Students are off to the big leagues! Congratulations to all 557 students who graduated with BAs, MAs, PhDs and CE certificates. All your hard work has definitely paid off.

Here are some highlights from Friday's convocations:

  • For the first time in FoA history, 50 students graduated from the English BA Program, as well as 2 advance students from the History BA program.
  • Jona Zyfi (BA, Criminology) received the Ryerson Gold Medal for the Faculty of Arts and the Board of Governors Leadership Award and Medal. In addition, Jona’s parents travelled all the way from Albania for the convocation ceremony!
  • Dmitry Navosha (BA, International Economics and Finance) who received the Governor General’s Academic Medal (Silver).
  • Marcia Moshé's son, Saul Moshé-Steinberg, graduated with a BA in Psychology, and Stéphanie Walsh-Matthews' step-daughter, Hyacinth Bouchard, earned a BA in Geographic Analysis! Congrats to all!
  • During the ceremony, there was a record of 100+ professors on stage, along with the President, Provost, and Chancellor. 

A special thank you goes to those who helped make the Arts Convocation a success:

Catherine Ellis (History, Reader)

Marco Fiola (LLC, Reader)

Kathryn Rowan (Dean of Arts office, National anthem) 

Rhiannon Traill (ACS alumna, Board representative)

Kim Varma (Criminology, Board representative) 

Stéphanie Walsh-Matthews (LLC & ACS, Bedel & Invocation)

Maureen Reed (Psychology)

Anthony Bonato (Associate Dean of Graduate Studies)

Marie Bountrogianni (Dean of Continuing Education)

Janet Lum (Associate Dean of Arts) 

Jennifer Mactavish (Dean of Graduate Studies) 

Marcia Moshé (Associate Dean of Arts)

Jean-Paul Boudreau (Dean of Arts) 

Congratulations Class of 2015! You have made us proud!

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