What went down at the RU Battle of the Arts

Written by: Michael Pereira, English Course Union President. (English 4th year)

Stop, they say. Please...just stop singing. But they don't know. They weren't there. They don't understand what went down at the BATTLE OF THE ARTS on February 24th when students around the Faculty of Arts came from all corners of the campus to join the angelic chorus of competitive karaoke that graced the Ram in the Rye for the first time. They don't know about the fantastic sound fields that open themselves up when you ask a diverse Faculty like ours to flex their vocal prowess and take out their dancing shoes for the honour of hoisting the coveted Gnome in the air.

They don't know that we are already practicing for next year, and the chance to raise him up again.
Months ago, the English Course Union secured a spot in the RSU calendar for what we knew would be a great chance to bring the Arts together. Sheltered from the cold biting outside, and with fists in the air, the Battle was on.

From Philosophy to Geography, Psychology, Sociology, and Criminology to English-ology, the Arts were out in full force unearthing the gifts left to us by the likes of Nicki Minaj (complete with twerking from Psychology) and Barry Manilow (complete with incredible shirts from Philosophy that flew us all to the Copa Cabana).

It was instantly clear that the Arts is a force to be reckoned with, a force that throws it down just as hard as the best of them. Striking choreography during "Drunk in Love" had us asking, Beyonce who?

As vocal chords grew rawer, and the stage grew more worn, the Backstreet Boys appeared (proving that indeed, as long as there will be music they'll be coming back again) to close out the night with their classic hit "I Want It That Way."
Just as our hearts recovered, our wonderful hosts were up to announce the winning program of the night that could rally the most participants. Just as quickly as the hosts could speak the words, the English program was up to celebrate with the Gnome.

So for now, we rest. But let it be known that we will return for what we all agree needs to be an annual tradition in the Faculty of Arts. We will see you then!

If you'd like to check out more photos, click through to the Ryerson English Course Union to check 'em out!


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