I And Me

Written by Angelo Robb, Psychology 2nd year.

Jumping in traffic, falling off a bridge. Swallowing knives, feels nothing like how I do now.

I now dream of nothing, I now pray for nothing.

My heart has become a black hole that sucks in those stupid enough to get close. It rips joy from you inside out, steal love from you and create a void in it you.

 I have become a soul killing machine blasting my bullets of self hate, murdering the self concept of I. Because I don’t love me anymore.

You see I and me used to be accepted, then I realized that accepted wasn’t me now I am on trail for the death of me.

Me used to be happy, caring, loving meek. But I have killed me. Myself being the judge, the lawyer and the jury, convicted I for the intent to kill 

 The murder weapon hate and the result guilty.

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