Fabric of Reminiscence

Written by Angelo Robb, Psychology 2nd year.

I picked your sweater off my bed then I remembered how you stain me like a sweet scented perfume the stench of you presence repulsed me into a state of euphoria.

I try not to inhale you, through the fabric of each knitted memory. Each thread is a strong of things you did to me, that wrapped itself within the repeated patterns of your infidelity.

Which created a cosy false sense of security, for me to hold you up as a great authority over me. 

I peek behind the sweater reading the warning of putting it in the cold cycle. Too bad you had no warning label but continuously threw me into a cold cycle of vicious verbal attacks and emotion Frisbee. 

It’s time for me to add some bleach to this recipe and purge the stains of your memories, deep clean your lies and schemes and re-send the hopeyou once gave to me.

Thank you to Angelo for submitting this poem! We're so lucky to have students in our faculty with so many different interests outside the classroom. Please share with us any creative outlets you have, and any projects you might be working on, by emailing stulife@arts.ryerson.ca! We'd love to get the word out and show our support as best we can!


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