Spotlight: Politics, Ben Goslin

Name: Ben Goslin

Program: Politics and Governance

Year: First


In my opinion Ryerson is a great school. I've had a very positive experience so far at the University. One thing that stood out for me was how easy it was to make new friends. A lot of people, myself included, were very nervous coming into a new school where we knew no one, or at least a small amount of people. I however, met one of my good friends at this school at the Arts Orientation Day during Orientation Week. She was asking a question regarding where to get TTC student IDs of our student leader for Orientation Week and she was unable to answer. I decided to help her out and the next thing I know we were conversing about more personal matters. The point is it's very easy to make friends at Ryerson. In addition I've never been personally put down at Ryerson, most of the student body is mature and will not chastise you for being shy, or for being different.

My first weeks at school went smoothly as well. I became a first year representative on the Politics and Governance Student Association, and thus had a rewarding position as a student leader. Additionally, I was intrigued by all of my classes. Even the mandatory SSH class, Academic Writing and Research, was intriguing due to the professor. One professor in particular, who taught Colonization, Colonialism, and Independence, really inspired me to do well as he was so knowledgeable and passionate about his field. I even talked to him after class regarding things not pertaining to his class at times.

In addition I have problems with anxiety at times and this can impact my ability to do school work in a timely manner. Ryerson's Access Centre gave me a meeting the first time I walked in there, and I received an accommodation form on the spot. This form is easy to mail to your professors and in my case should guarantee extra time on assignments, and on exams. I look forward to the new experiences Ryerson will bring during my time here!


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