How to get around campus avoiding the elements

Let's be frank. Who really likes walking in the freezing cold in the winter? I don't know about you, but I certain don't. Not that I can do anything about Canada's bipolar weather, but at least I can be spoiled about it by avoiding it as best as possible.

Downtown Toronto has a very intricate underground pathway system called The PATH (so original). If you have yet explore it, I highly suggest taking a stab at it. Start at the Eaton Centre and work your way to Union Station. I'm not promising anything exciting per se, but the route may be handy to know come exam time in the winter at the MTCC. You'd never know when the TTC will suddenly decide to pull a lovely delay. Or it's just %$*!; cold and you don't want to waste $3 to ride three stations down. And it can actually be quite a productive walk. You can easily have your study notes in hand without the worry of traffic and blazing winds. (but beware of door frames!)

Just a word of the wise, bring a friend on your walk if you get lost easily. Also, DO NOT be tempted by the map of The PATH during your walk. You have a better chance finding your way out being lost than referring to the map. I made that mistake during my earlier days and somehow ended at a dead end off St. Andrew station instead of Union Station. Hmmm...

Now Ryerson of course has no pathway of that scale, but you can avoid freezing to death for a good amount of your walk.

Take note on some of these indoor paths; it may come in handy if your classes are scattered all over campus... as most typical Arts student would.

Podium to Kerr Hall West
There are bridges that connect the Podium to Kerr Hall and subsequently to the Rogers Communication Centre. This is extremely convenient as it basically connects the west end of the campus to the east.
3rd floor bridge between Podium (side of LIB) and Kerr Hall West

3rd floor bridge between Podium (near JOR) and Kerr Hall West

The most obvious bridge between Podium and Kerr Hall West is the one directly in front of the Library entrance (accessible on the 2nd floor of the Podium building). It is arguably the most convenient, as you will see later. Otherwise, the bridges are also accessible on the 3rd floor and on the two polar ends of the Podium Building - the Library (LIB) end and the Jorgensen (JOR) end.

The bridge is NOT accessible on the 1st floor or the lower ground floor by the Gould and Victoria entrance. But in case you can't be bothered to keep track of what floor you're actually on, my tip is just to walk those stairs until you see a bridge. ;)

The bridge that's near JOR is, in my opinion, slightly less useful since many of your classes will not be in this area. Be prepared to have to take a staircase down once you reach Kerr Hall using this bridge. Most likely, you'll end up in the quad (probably extremely confused).

You can stay inside the building though. The length of Kerr Hall West is walk-able on the 2nd floor. You will pass by the Upper Gym entrances along the way to/from Kerr Hall South.

Podium to & across Kerr Hall North
There is one more way to go from the Podium to Kerr Hall West, from the end closest to Jorgensen Hall. I highly recommend this route if you need to get to Eric Palin Hall, Sally Horsfall Eaton Centre or towards that general direction as you'll be hugging Gerrard using this route.

Here's how to get your bearings.

If you are in Jorgensen after a meeting with one of your professors, take the elevator straight down to LG (if you hear the automated voice in the elevator go "lower ground floor", then you're doing it right). Immediately after passing the OneCard Office, stop at the intersection and turn left.

If you've just walked into the Podium Building from Gould St. (the LIB end), stay on the floor you're on and trek through all the service kiosks. When you pass the International Student Services hub (on your right), you'll reach this intersection. Turn right.

This is the hallway you want to head down. If you frequent the lower gym, then you may be familiar with this route - since the lower gym is at the end of this tunnel on your right. Older Ryerson students might recognize this as the OSAP pick-up area (back in the day when students had to brave an extra set of line-ups, joy):

Just right outside the lower gym (on your right).
When you reach the end of those lovely dark brown tiles, congratulations! YOU ARE NOW IN KERR HALL. Turn right and you'll be able to get to a computer lab, some more lovely construction, and a couple of KHW lecture halls (like KHW64 or something like that).

But we're not done! Don't go up the staircases in front of you jusssssssssst yet......

Head towards the little (sketchy-looking) corridor where the ladies' bathroom is. You'll see......

Every time I walk through here, I'm still surprised to see these double doors in this small corridor.
Now keep going past the pool and past the basement parts of the Ryerson Theatre.

Didn't know we had a Rye 'O' Mat down here, but keep going...

Up to this point, you've basically walked across Kerr Hall North. If you're looking to go to the SHE or EPH buildings, I'd take the staircase close to here to go up, turn right and head out the doors facing the intersection of Gerrard and Church.

The staircases to and from the basement of Kerr Hall. 
Voila! Head out these doors to Gerrard and Church.
Using this route, you are able to go across Kerr Hall North (KHN) without being led outside, and around to Kerr Hall East (KHE). You can even make the roundabout back to Gould St by walking all the way to the end on the basement floor of Kerr Hall. That entrance is next to the garbage chute (don't tell me I didn't warn you!), but you'll be conveniently across the Student Campus Centre (SCC).

Kerr Hall to Rogers Communication Centre
Along with the Podium to Kerr Hall Bridges, I think this is the most recognized building connections on campus. You can see this from the outsides on corner of Church and Gould, intersecting at Kerr Hall South and Kerr Hall East. Access is only available on the 2nd floor of Kerr Hall & Rogers Communication Centre.

Bridge to RCC from Kerr Hall.
Summary of Kerr Hall walk-able hallways (without having to go outside):

  • Basement - Kerr Hall West, Kerr Hall North, Kerr Hall East
  • First Floor - Kerr Hall West, Kerr Hall East
  • Second Floor - Kerr Hall West, Kerr Hall East, Kerr Hall South
  • Third Floor - Kerr Hall East, Kerr Hall South

Eaton Centre to Ted Rogers School of Management
Also another one that will be familiar to subway commuters getting off Dundas southbound. When you head into Eaton Centre from the subway, turn right and head towards the path to Canadian Tire. Take the escalator up and through the gray doors in front you - and there you have it.

You can avoid heading outside at all if you are coming from Union Station through The PATH (as Eaton Centre is a part of The PATH). If you have classes in Ted Rogers (TRSM), learning to use The PATH will be extremely useful!

And there we go! You can now walk the entire width of Kerr Hall (if you so wish), and avoid the outdoors in crappy weather.


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