Five Best Kept Secrets in the Faculty

It may be a "secret", but completely unintentional. I am here to change that.

As an upper year student, I often get into conversations with my fellow classmates in the faculty where someone will go "OMG, why didn't I know about this before?!". It's unfortunate, but I'm willing to bet someone out there went through all four years of their University life here completely clueless of all the awesome things they could have used/known.

We really don't mean to hide it. I know I always try to tell people when it comes up, but just doesn't always come up......

Now I'm sure this University (and Faculty) hides more secrets that even I still don't know about, so I will try my best to shed some light on this issue.

(5) The Student Loan Special
Nothing starts a top 5 list better than FOOD! I know, this isn't Faculty of Arts-specific, but it's become an important part of my Ryerson life (and I've been guilty on many occasions for getting a chain of people addicted to this "habit" of mine) that I feel everyone should know about this.

Enter the Oakham Cafe, our small campus eatery tucked between the the Ryerson Student Centre and the Oakham House. Walk in any time between 8AM-11AM and ask for the Student Loan Special. For the price of $3.99, you can get a choice of bacon or sausage, any choice of toast and egg with a serving of hash. The serving is extremely generous for the price you pay, and I ensure you it'll be a secret you'll be proud to brag about. ;)

Oh, and it comes with tea or coffee. Seriously.

(4) Faculty of Arts Lounge
Ever came in for that one godforsaken morning class only to have to wait until 6PM to have your second & last class of the day? Wanted a place to sleep, tried bumming on a comfy couch at TRSM only feeling uncomfortable stares or eventually disturbed by random laughter down the hall?

WELL. Did you know the Faculty of Arts has a student lounge of our own? It is located at POD349 (the Podium building on the third floor, it's on the side of Jorgensen Hall) for all Arts students.

I can't promise the lounge will always be quiet, but I can promise you comfy couches sans awkward stares - especially with our plans of renovation moving forward!

(3) Arts Computer Lab and Free Printing
The Faculty of Arts Lab is located at POD356, and it's accessible to all Faculty of Arts students. If this is your first time using the computers in the lab, do note that you will not be able to log in with your usual Ryerson ID. Follow the instructions on your login screen and the giant posters in the room to create a separate password for the Arts account, and then you're ready to go!

Sometimes logging in can be quite a wait, but it's not any better down with the computers in the library... Plus, I do find the computers in the Arts Lab run a bit faster. (or maybe I'm just biased)

As for the second part of this goodness... YES - FREE. PRINTING. I mean it. Every Faculty of Arts student gets a quota of 50 pages per month of free printing in our lab. I honestly hope you haven't been wasting those dimes in the library all these years, people.

Jenny's brotip for printing: Make sure to double check the printer to see if it's working or if there's paper. Once you send a page to the printer, it will deduct from your monthly page quotas. For those who know about the free printing and wondering why the Arts lab failed to print your pages, I hope I solved the mystery for you.

(for more information about the Arts lounge & lab, refer to our older post by our past Student Life Team!)

(2) Free Lockers
So there's all these lockers all around the Podium Building & Kerr Hall... but are they free to use?

Yes, everyone - they are also, free. But hold it! Before you get too excited and run off to put that lock on a lovely locker, there are a few restrictions. Please look for an email from your Program Assistants at the beginning of September before you claim a locker. The email will indicate specific locations of the lockers reserved for Arts students and when you can begin to claim a locker.

Please do follow the instructions you get from your programs. I don't want to be responsible for ANY locks being cut & contents dumped during the year... it'll break my heart. :( And another brotip, guys: don't leave valuables in those lockers.

(1) The Student Experience Centre (US!)
The Student Experience Team!! That's us! We're located in POD344 and I sure hope you know about us by now. Our team offers services such as exchange opportunities, career counselling, personal counselling, volunteering opportunities and much more, exclusively for Faculty of Arts students! We are also responsible for the planning of the Arts academic orientation for incoming first year students, so it's always busy around here!

During the year, if you have an amazing idea for an experiential learning project, check out our Student Project Grant for Arts students. You may potentially be eligible for a bit funding so do go and check it out!

And that's all of it folks! Hope you learned something useful for next year, and do me a big favour by spreading the word!! ;)

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