Need a Table IV Course?

Consider taking SSH 500 - it's an experiential learning course that puts a strong focus on peer leadership. As a student enrolled in the course, you'll be serving as a peer leader in SSH 100, a first-year course on social scientific inquiry (if your memory is fuzzy, it's the one where you were required to do a group research project on some aspect of Ryerson University). As a peer leader, you'll be advising first year students with their projects and working with them on effective team building while taking part in seminars on learning and educational processes.

If the video above doesn't work, you can watch a video with a more detailed explanation and student feedback HERE. (It should run properly on any browser except Internet Explorer. Sorry about that!) 
SSH 500 offers a mixture of practical experience and sustained analysis of education processes.  It will give you a chance to earn course credit (a Table IV professionally related course) by participating in experiential learning, reflecting on what you and others do in the classroom. This critical reflection will be informed by readings and discussions in a seminar setting. The core capacities you strive to develop in this course will be useful to you in a whole range of undertakings.  It is certainly relevant if you are interested in pursuing teaching or other educational activities, but will also serve you well in other settings where leadership and training is important. 
Personally speaking, I think this course is a great idea, especially if you like to work with people and you're looking for a bit of a break from conventional courses. Just to be clear, it's not less work! The workload is the same, but it's different in that it's more interactive and directly engaging; it's based in doing and actively reflecting rather than passively reading. Also, as a student in SSH 100, I met a peer leader who helped me get connected on campus and continues to give me advice almost two years later (and she's in the video!). So that stuff about mentorship and making connections? Yeah, it works. 

If you're interested, send an email to Alan Sears at before August 12 with a brief statement (250-500 words or so) of your own interests and preparation for the course. 


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