Hello from the 2012 Faculty of Arts Student Life Team!

The Faculty of Arts Orientation is approaching REAL soon, and a new team of students have taken over POD344B and POD344E for the summer in the Student Experience Centre.

From the left, we have Annie and Annalise (centre) who are our Student Life Assistants in the office, and Jenny (myself!) on the right who is the Multimedia & Online Relations Assistant. I know, the picture doesn't look at all professional (that was kind of my fault - it was a bit of a last minute idea), but hey - now you know how we look like in case you need to find us over the summer for any reason.

So anyway, that's us. Please look forward to our other blog posts over the summer! If you are/were a Ryerson Faculty of Arts students and would like to contribute to the blog, you are more than welcome to email artsmedia@arts.ryerson.ca to see how you can fit in.

Oh, and sign up to be our orientation leader if you haven't already! It'll be heaps of fun, trust me.

- Jenny C.
Multimedia & Online Relations Assistant


Annie Basterfield said…
Yayaya!!! Gooooo team :)

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