Pub Night - Arteries - Clothing Drive & Orientation

Hello all you arts students out there,

This entry is a little bit less formal than most but equally as informative!

I know, as an arts student myself, that this time of year is super busy! Papers and presentations and quizes and such are just around the corner, if they haven't started already. Lots of students think this means they should shut out the world and just focus on their work and nothing else! This is NOT true!

Did you know that studies show that students who engage in student life do better in school? Also, you'd be suprised at how a little bit of student involvement can boost your overall moral (Trust me! It works!). It is crucial that every student has a little bit of fun in their lives and when they have fun at school, it makes being at school that much more enjoyable!

So let me tell you about a few things that might help you out with your iscolation blues...

#1 - Arts Pub Night - Thursday March 15th @ the Ram in the Rye
This event is being held for arts students in honour of St. Patricks day! We will be hosting the first of three pub nights held at the Ram for St. Patty's. This is the PERFECT chance to get out for a night and spend some quality time with friends! If you don't know many people in your program, bring a couple friends of your own and get to mingling! It's a very chill atmosphere where everyone can sit back and relax and enjoy a night of no school work! It's definitly worth going!

#2 - Arteries Undergraduate Research Conference - Friday March 30th @ 10am - all day

Arteries is a really great experience! Lots of students seem to get it in their mind that an undergraduate research conference is going to be a long day of lectures and don't see the point in going. This so SO far from the actual case! The presentations given at Arteries are given BY students. They are easy to listen to and very captivating!

Each presenter at Arteries has to go through a process to make sure that each paper chosen is of high interest! These are things that people WANT to hear about! The day also provides food and the company of some very interesting people! It's a great event to go to because it is enriching and fun! Students who attend are also often inspired to do some work on their own papers in order to present the following year. This event could nudge you on your path to academic excellence in a really pleasent way! This is a perfect outing for all students!

Check out more at

#3 - Arts and Contemporary Studies Clothing Drive and Sale - April 5th

The Arts and Contemporary Studies Course Union is holding a clothing drive and sale to benefit Covenant House Youth Shelter. Throughout the month of March, there are 2 collection boxes (one in POD 344 and one in JOR 100 near Stepahnie Walsh-Matthews office) that students can drop their lightly worn, clean clothes that they no longer want. Everyone has those clothes that they bought but never wear anymore, or maybe they just don't fit, etc... all those clothes can go to a better cause! Don't throw them out, give them to the clothing drive!

Once all the clothes are collected, the ACSCU will hold a clothing sale for all students! That means you can come and go shopping for SUPER cheap! Think about it, you'd have a BLAST doing this with your friends! Who doesn't ask their friend if they can borrow "that shirt" or "that dress you never wear"? Now you'll get the chance to own that stuff you always steal from your buddies closet!
It's a fun time for a good cause! Yet another reason to get out of the house and contribute to campus life!!/events/300446373356068/

and last but not least...

#4 Orientation Committee

This is the time when we start thinking about orientation here in the Faculty of Arts Student Life office. We want to put together a group of students to be advisors for the next orientation planners this summer. If you have opinions about how orientation was for you or how you think it should be, we want your input! What did you like about orientation? what did you hate? These are things we want to know! If you are interested in being on this committee (it really doesn't take up much time but puts you in a great position for getting involved) please just shoot an e-mail my way ( and let me know you'd like to help!

Orientation is how most people start getting involved and it is a really great way to make friends, learn new things and make the most of your time at Ryerson! Trust me, a graduating student who has been involed in these things for 3 years now, it makes a huge difference in your overall life as a student if you get involved! It can be your gateway to making great friends, getting jobs, and getting better grades even! Come and join us! You won't regret it!


If you're worried about how you'll fit all of this in, Don't worry! You can do it! Plan your time well, and remember that student life is actually important. It helps you do better in the long run! :) These are just a couple fun events that could open a world of possibilities! Give em a shot!

I hope to see you soon!

~Avala Moore~
Student Life Assistant and Student :)


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