Hey everyone!
So I just wanted to let you in on an awesome event that will be happening next friday!
The TEDxRyersonU team has put together yet another amazing event! This one is all about women in leadership and taking a leap to become a leader yourself!
This event is for EVERYONE! There will be speakers from all over the city and some of the names are BIG names! The discussion also uses some new and exciting technology that has been developed by companies from the Digital Media Zone here at Ryerson, as well as by an outside company called Meta-Tema. You can start contributing to the conversation even now, a week before the event by going to the website and using the soapbox application!

If you can't make the event, that doesn't mean you need to miss it! The event will be streaming live on the website on the day of! You can listen and watch the event unfold AND even participate in the conversation via the soapbox application! How awesome is that!? It would be like you were right there!

Check it all out at

This is going to be Amazing!


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