Fighting the Seasonal Bug

Hello Arts Students!
I hope everyone is staying dry and warm in this crazy fall weather we are having!
I apologize for not writing recently but I have been held down by the Seasonal Bug!
Apparently a ton of people have been getting sick lately. It probably has to do with the changing seasons and the crazy weather.
So, I advise all of you to stay healthy! Mid terms are underway and no one needs to be feeling under the weather while they spend countless hours studying!
So here are my tips for staying healthy...

1. Dress for the weather!
This can be hard seeing as the weather has been changing every other day in the past two weeks, but just because it was warm yesterday does not mean it will be warm today. Check the weather before going outside and make sure you are dressed to match!

2. Eat well.
Studying can be stressful and you can often feel like making a good meal is just too much work, but it is worth it! Try to maintain a healthy diet and it will go far!

3. Get enough sleep!
Students often overlook sleep, especially the night before a midterm. DON"T DO IT! Getting that 8 hours of sleep (or however many your body needs) is crucial to staying healthy AND for performing your best on tests.

4. Exercise.
Make some time in your busy schedule for a work-out. Keeping active helps your immune system AND gets you in better shape!

5. Time Management.
If you manage your time well, you will be less stressed out. If you are less stressed out you will sleep better and will feel less like you have no time for excercise and eating well. Keeping a low stress level is key to your seasonal cold survival! Make sure you take time to relax and take care of yourself every day.

6. Wash your hands.
If you wash your hands often it is less likely that you will pick up the cold. When you touch things that others have touched and then touch your face, you are more likely to get what others have. If you wash your hands often, you can avoid this as much as possible.

If you do these 6 things, you will have a much lower chance of getting the seasonal bug.
For those of you who already have it... Go to the doctors! Doctors are getting lots of people coming in with the same thing right now and will know how to help you out. Also, get a lot of sleep. The more sleep you get, the faster your body can fight off the cold! Drink lots of liquids and follow the other pointers I gave above as well.

I hope you all are feeling great and that you don't even need this information, but giving it out can't hurt. I wish you all a great midterm time and happy studying!


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