Get Ready for Arteries!

Hello Everyone,
This is something that might interest a few of you out there. Arteries is an undergraduate Research Conference and presents an opportunity for students to submit an academic paper and present it to an audience of peers and faculty members.
Catherine Melo, A student here at Ryerson who has worked on Arteries for a few years now, describes the conference by saying,

"The purpose of Arteries is to promote undergraduate research within the Faculty of Arts at Ryerson. The conference aims to encourage the sharing of ideas and research within and across disciplines, because it is open to any Ryerson undergraduate student. Aimed at promoting academic excellence, integrity and commitment, the conference will serve to facilitate students’ personal and academic development. By inviting students to become active members in the campus community of scholars, the conference will contribute to the creation of a richer campus culture."

Although some might feel as though research papers are not that exciting, I would personally like to say, you couln't be more wrong! I attended the conference last year and found it to be one of the better events I had been to at Ryerson. It is amazing to see your peers presenting such insightful information in such a personal way. I met new interesting people and learned a lot. I highly encourage you to participate in this event this year, whether that means submitting a paper for consideration, or just going to one of the presentations on the day of. This event is a can't miss event!

Check out the website from last year to learn a bit more.

When this years' website is up, I will put the website up on the blog as well. The tentative date for the event this coming school year is Friday March 2nd. Keep an eye out for posters and e-mails about this event!

Hope your summer is going well!



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