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Hello Art of Life Readers,
The past week or so has been super hectic! There was a lot happening on campus (what with CACUSS going on and such) and I was getting worn out. This weekend that just passed was my time to recharge. Sometimes we all need to just take a break and not do work, so that's what I did.

In my relaxation, I decided to go see a movie. I like to do that alone sometimes. It allows me to totally submerse myself in the experience instead of thinking about the other people I am there with. I went to see "The Art of Getting By" with Freddie Highmore. AMAZING!

This movie is one of those feel good, motivational movies that leaves you in an inspired trance when you leave. All I could think of when I left that theatre was how I needed to go out and buy myself a studio easle and start painting. It totally moved me!

The story, without ruining anything for you, is about a nihilistic teenager who finds meaning in life through art and love. The camera angles and the lighting are so interesting and the acting, in my opinion, is great, especially on Freddie's part. The kid is only 19 years old and he somehow manages to portray a character that communicates on an emotional level with his audience! Brilliant!

So, in light of this movie and the experience I had with it... I highly encourage you all to go see it aswell!

Here are some of my other top inspired, feel good movies...(half of which have Freddie Highmore in them)

1)The Art of Getting by - Freddie Highmore
2)Finding Neverland - with Johnny Depp and Freddie Highmore
3)Avatar - Sam Worthington, Zoe Saldana, Sigourney Weaver
4)August Rush - Freddie Highmore and Robin Williams
5)The Persuit of Happiness - Will and Jaden Smith
6)7 pounds - Will smith

Comment if you have any others to add to the list!:)

Happy Summer Movie Watching!


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