Let me introduce myself...

My name is Avala Moore and I am the Student Life Assistant in the Faculty of Arts.
This summer I am working in the Student Experience Centre and am helping to plan the Faculty of Arts Enrolment Workshops as well as Orientation! In addition to those big jobs, I am also your new blogger.

Throughout the summer I will be updating you on what is going on on campus (yes, things happen in the summer!) as well as things going on downtown. I might even throw in some extra useful tidbits about saving money, making friends in the new school year, how to volunteer, etc, etc.

For any of you enthusiastic Arts students out there who are feeling the creative itch and want to contribute to the Blog, Sent me your stuff!!! you can reach me at stulife@arts.ryerson.ca and I am more then happy to help you get started on your blogging adventure. If you want to blog but you have no idea what you would write about, let me just give you a few ideas to start off with...

You could write about...
- a welcome to new students (this is nice if you are part of a course union)
- events that are being planned for the upcoming year, or that are happening during the summer
- tips for university life
- stories about your time in Uni.
- things you like about Ryerson
- what you are up to this summer as an arts student
- cool events that are going on downtown
- who to know at Ryerson
- best restaurants near campus
- reviews of restaurants or movies or shows
- you can send in Vlogs
- your thoughts...
- etc

This is by no means an exhausted list of ideas, I could go on and on. That makes the blogging process even more fun! you can give it your own creative spin!

Anyway, I look forward to hearing from you and I hope you enjoy my updates throughout the summer. :)


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