Communication Confusion

Hello everyone,
So in the past few days I have been looking into how to better communicate with YOU! It is interesting that while sitting in an office, alone, at a desk and while saying nothing at all, I am socializing with a number of people all at once. At times I am baffled by that.

I have been in meetings and on the web and have talked to other people who know more about this stuff then I do, and it is amazing the changes that are happening in the social media world! I was under the impression that Facebook was the way of our generation, but turns out, Twitter and blogs and websites are JUST as important. Which do you prefer? (make a comment below and let me know how you like to be communicated with! I can cater to your needs!)

I've got Facebook, Twitter, a website and this blog. Out of those 4 methods of communication, which of them is the best for you?

ps. If you're interested in learning more about the Facebook decline... see this link.


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