To those who are interested...

Hello to all of you Faculty of Arts enthusiasts,
It is a new season, and with a new season comes a new set of exciting ways to get involved in your university community. This particular time brings people together to greet new students to Ryerson. It's time to think about ENROLLMENT & ORIENTATION!

This years' Student Life Team is putting together a team of students who will take part in some training and social events in order to form the new squadron of Arts Leaders. Details are not all set in stone but the Planning Committee is meeting this week and from that point on, Forward Motion!

We are still looking for Volunteers if you are interested. If so, just send an e-mail over to and I will hook you up with all the info you need!
Thanks for your interest and keep an eye out for more information coming soon!

For all of you new incoming students out there... University is the time of your life and we are working hard to make your first encounter a pleasent one, and by pleasent what I really mean is, AMAZING!!! :)
So keep a look out for any information on Enrollment and Orientation because that is the perfect time for you to meet like-minded people and get to know your school and the people who will make your time in school worth while. You can find more updates (for new students) on Facebook if you search "Ryerson Faculty of Arts Frosh". When you find it, just request to join and you will be able to communicate with your new peers! Hurray for Internet Technologies!

Alright, well, keep an eye open for new blog posts and other updates for the upcoming Orientation season! Should be an awesome one!
Avala Moore
Student Life Assistant.


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