Ready to make the academic transition?

Student life is full of transitions... The transition from high school (or college or the work force or your vacation in Europe) to university. You may transition from one program to another. And finally, the transition from university to either further education or the world of work.

Are you on track to make all of these transitions or are you a little unsure as to whether you have the skills and know-how to do so smoothly and successfully? If you have even the smallest sliver of doubt in your mind (and I know I do!), never fear...Sonny Wong is here.

Sonny Wong is the career counsellor for the Faculty of Arts and in addition to doing one-on-one sessions with students, he also hosts a series of workshops designed to give you the skills and knowledge you need to make these transitions as you take the next steps on your career path.

Whether you're in 1st year or 4th year, or anywhere in between, Sonny has workshops that will fit your needs. He offers workshops on academic success, finding the right career path for you, writing resumes and cover letters (I'm enrolled in this one... a must for any graduating students who are going to be on the job market in May), applying to graduate school and applying to teacher's college. Read all about these workshops and register online:

Workshop schedules for the Winter 2011 semester have been posted so scurry over now to make sure you get a spot.


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