Group Buys

I'm on a roll with the money-saving tips these days, so why stop now? Today I want to talk to you about group buy sites. They've become quite trendy over the past few months so you may already know about all the deals these sites can bring you but if not, read on!

The idea of a "group buy" deal is that by having a certain number of people commit to buying product or service they all get a huge discount (usually over 50%). The sites that are operating now allow you to subscribe in order to get e-mailed about a daily deal in your city. You have a limited number of time to purchase the deal (usually 24 hours) and after that period of time you are able to access your deal, which normally expires in 3-6 months.

Through these sites I have gotten 50% of organic groceries, 20 yoga classes for $20 and a harbour cruise of NYC for 60% off (that's another tip, if you're going on vacation remember to subscribe to the deals for that city).
Want to start saving the big bucks too? Here are the group buy sites I currently subscribe to:

With all these great deals being sent to my inbox every morning, the trick becomes deciding when to pass and when I really need to buy-in. ;)
Know of another group buy site operating in Toronto? Let me know at as it really is becoming quite the addiction!


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