Calling all Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans, Queer Students AND allies!

Be a Part of the RSU Delegation to the 6th Annual Canadian University Queer Services Conference, Toronto.

The Ryerson Students’ Union is seeking active students to attend this annual conference (all fees paid for by the RSU). This conference is open to LGBTTQQ2S-identified AND allies who are involved in queer activism, service organizations, advocacy, or interested in queer/trans culture/issues.

We are looking for students who are interested in queer issues on campus and in the community, want to get more involved in advocacy and providing queer services, want to network with other queer university groups and students from around the country, and want to gain valuable skills.

Please note that only 5 spots will be made available.

To qualify, you must currently be a member of the RSU, either a full-time undergraduate or graduate student at Ryerson. Not a student? You can still attend. The conference is open to everyone, so feel free to register yourself if you are not a student, or not at Ryerson and want to attend.

If you are not chosen as part of the RSU delegation and want to attend by yourself, there are many affordable options, including attending day workshops, or choosing specific dates or events from the conference. Visit for more information.

How Do I Apply?

Submit a statement of interest to Rodney Diverlus, Vice-President Equity at In this statement, include your contact information, program, year, why you should be accepted, and what you are hoping to learn/bring back to campus. No resume required.

All statements should be received by Monday January 17th at Noon.

Conference Information

When: Wednesday January 26th- Sunday January 30th. Participants have the option of attending specific dates, or the weekend.
Where: University of Toronto, and other downtown locations
Theme: Queer Action Now!
Keynote Speaker: Cleve Jones, Queer and HIV/AIDS activist

What is this Canadian University Queer Services Conference (CUQSC)?

CUQSC is one of the few opportunities for queer and trans students from across the country to gather together and discuss topics based in skills training, anti-oppression, identity based constituencies, issues based topics, new campaigns and service development.

The Conference content ranges from skills development to issues-based discussions, guest lectures and social networking. The aim is still to create a national network of resources but also to create a national network of allies and communications to share campaigns, tactics, and support.

There will be various sessions, workshops, seminars, caucuses, and socials. Some workshop topics include: Queers in the Media, Que(e)rying Religion, Queerying your Curriculum, Analyzing Privilege, Stories of Racialised Queer People, Anti-Harassment Session, The Rural Queer, Sexy Disability, The Myth of Bisexuality, The Forgotten Acronyms: Trans people and Bisexuals Speak Out, and many others.

Theme: Queer Action Now
Drawing on the last 40 years of queer activism on campus, the Conference will focus on getting active in our communities. 2011 marks the 40th anniversary of the first "Gay Picnic" fundraiser by Toronto activist group Gay Action Now, and the 42nd anniversary of the first queer activist group in Canada, the University of Toronto Homophile Association (now LGBTOUT). So many years and victories behind us, we must ask ourselves "what next?" What are the pressing issues facing those of us who do not fit within heteronormative boxes? And how do we confront these issues on our campuses and across Canada?

The Conference aims to bring together diverse members of our communities for nearly a week for a combination of skills training, community-building, challenging discussion, and (of course) enjoying Toronto's queer scenes. As a city and campus full of queer and queer-related resources, we will be incorporating as much of that expertise as possible into the programming.

Queer Action Now promises the skills training required to build a movement, the workshop and issues discussion to define the movement, and a community involvement to build coalitions between our peoples, places, and organizations. All for the sake of Queer Action Now!


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