Exam Preparation Tips from the Learning Success Centre

After slogging through a long, busy semester it's often hard to muster the energy to effectively study for exams. The last day of classes comes around and all I want to do is revel in my newfound freedom far away from all of my books. Of course the results of proper studying is welll worth the effort but sometime's it's hard to know where to begin.

The Learning Success Centre has got your back! Their Exam Preparation site includes tips for studying for different types of exams (ie. multiple choice vs. essay exams), strategies for studying (ie. creating questions about your material and then seeing if you can answer them), as well as information about managing exam anxiety.

Take a few minutes to check out this web site because having the tools to study effectively will go a long ways to ensuring that you are able to adequately prepare for your exams.

Good luck!


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