What can you do with $4 a year?

From November 1 – 4,2010 Ryerson students will be voting on a referendum that asks, “Do you agree to the creation of an annual fee of $4 to support the WUSC Student Refugee Program at Ryerson starting in September 2011 and indexed thereafter for inflation annually to the CPI for Toronto?” …But what exactly does that mean? This week on the Art of Life we’ll be providing you will all the information you need about WUSC and the Student Refugee Program so that you can make an informed decision when you vote next week. If you have any questions about the referendum, please e-mail facescom@arts.ryerson.ca so we can find the answers and blog about them. On Monday we talked about what WUSC and the Student Refugee Program are and what they’re trying to accomplish, you can view that post here. On Friday we met Gerard, a student refugee in the Faculty of Arts, and heard about his experience with the SRP, you can view that post here.

Hey there fellow Faculty of Arts students!

Now that we’ve been introduced to WUSC, the Student Refugee Program and a student refugee from the Faculty of Arts, it’s time to get the lowdown on the referendum and how you can vote.

To vote you must be registered in one of Ryerson's full-time undergraduate programs.

The referendum asks whether students support the adoption of an annual fee of $4 to support the WUSC Student Refugee Program.

Full-time undergraduate students can vote online on Blackboard (my.ryerson.ca)

Edit: Having as much trouble figuring out where to vote as I was? This should help:

November 1st-4th, 2010. Voting will close at 4:30pm on November 4th.

Here are answers to a couple of popular questions about the upcoming referendum on the WUSC Student Refugee Program.

Where does the money go?
The money is kept in an account and monitored through the Office of the Vice Provost, Students, and the WUSC Ryerson members responsible for the SRP also assist in managing the funding. As financial sponsorship is required for a minimum of 12 months, WUSC members make purchases of essential items before the student’s arrival, take the student shopping, and during the year they are provided with a monthly allowance.

What will the impact be?
It costs approximately $20,000 a year to sponsor a student refugee, which covers all living and education costs. If the referendum is passed, Ryerson students will be raising $100,000 a year to support the Student Refugee Program. This means that WUSC Ryerson could sponsor multiple students per year or extend support to sponsored students in some capacity over a longer period of time, ie. cover tuition fees for their entire undergraduate career.

Don’t worry, it’s not too late… if you still have questions you want answered before voting in the referendum, e-mail them to facescom@arts.ryerson.ca and we’ll answer them there.



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