Get Involved with the Philosophy Club

Are you interested in looking at the philosophical dimensions of, well, everything? Then check out the Ryerson Philosophy Club! You can go to their web site and sign up for their newsletter in order to be informed about about philosophical things happening at Ryerson, in Toronto, and on-line.

In the past, the club has:
- hosted "Films and Beers with Profs and Peers" nights
- hosted philosophy lectures intended for the greater public
- hosted reading groups
- talked with high school students interested in philosophy

Currently, the club is looking for a leader. Might that be you? Interested students should e-mail:

Getting involved with a student group is the perfect way to enrich your academic experience by demonstrating how all that stuff we study in the classroom can apply to real life. Plus, it can be really fun and exciting to connect with other students who have similar interests as you.

What groups are you involved with and how has your involvement with them shaped your university experience?


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