The Bored Commuter: All About You

Member of the Student Life Blogger Team, Seema, offers her perspective on being a commuter student at Ryerson in her "The Bored Commuter" column.

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Being a commuter can get lonely sometimes, and even when you have someone to talk to it’s usually about school, and usually the middle-age folks, if you take GO transit, don’t want to hear it. So when the effects of your morning coffee have not worn off, why not try to curb your boredom with the book All About Me by Philipp Keel? This book has questions that are, well, all about you! The questions are unique and unexpected. The book contains questions that are about different parts of your life, from your favourites to fears and everything in between. So give it a go! You never know what you might discover about yourself. All About Me can be found at Urban Outfitters, and it would cost you about twenty dollars! Also, as time passes you can always go back to the book and see how your life has changed, or how it has not changed, from the time you answered the questions.

Written by: Seema Jawahir, 1st year Sociology student


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