And We're Off!

Where did the summer go!?

The student life team had such a good time last week at the Faculty of Arts Orientation and the rest of O-Week and we can't believe it's all over. And now a re-cap and thank-yous are in order!

We would like to say a big THANK YOU to all of you first year students who were able to make it out to the Faculty of Arts Orientation on August 31st, your enthusiasm made it one awesome day! Also, the student life team would like give a special thank-you to all the upper year volunteers who made the day a huge success.

We hope you first years found the day beneficial and that you had fun and made some new friends. The ice was broke, the banners were made and hopefully some connections were made throughout the jam-packed day. But the fun did not end there, many of you also came out to Boris the hypnotist as did the volunteers and it was hilarious (it's chip!!).

I hope some of you were able to make it out last Wednesday where over 900 Ryerson students went down in music history when we broke the unofficial Guinness World Record for largest beat boxing ensemble. In fact, we SMASHED the world record with a whopping 961 people beat boxing the tune Billy Jean by MJ for three straight minutes! It was really fun and was all over the news!

And just as you were getting all oriented and settled in, BAM mother nature threw fall weather right at us to let us know what we're here for...classes! Sharpen your pencils and shine your shoes because the fall semester is certainly here...I know it's hard to believe. However, there are still fun times coming your way, the first week of classes marks the RSU's week of welcome, which is another full week of events for incoming and returning students. If nothing else, make sure to come out to the annual parade and picnic on Friday, September 10th. Find your course union in the Quad and join the parade down Yonge street where we all pile onto ferries to Centre Island for a FREE barbecue and concert!

Check out the RSU's calendar of events for more info:

Later Days,



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