Words of Wisdom- From an Incoming Student!

Check out this intro post from Kate MacKay, an incoming student to the International Economics and Finance program. Kate has taken the time to share her story, as well as give some inspirational tips on topics from study habits to how to reach your dreams!

Hey there fellow faculty of arts students!
I'm writing to you in hopes of sharing some of my well earned points of wisdom and to share with you some of my points of view and experiences.

First of all, introductions are in order. My name is Katherine MacKay; aka Kate. I'll be entering my first year of the small but ever so interesting program International Economics and Finance. Unlike many other first year students, I have already been to university and experienced many of its ups and downs. After high school I attended Queen's University for engineering. That only lasted about a year and half before I realized it was most definitely not the right program for me. The next six months I spent working and saving money for the next round of school that would hopefully be a better fit. Two years later, I graduated from the Sault College business program with a solid 4.0 GPA and a passion for the study of economics. From this bit of history comes my first tip: don't be afraid to realize it if you're in the wrong place; and if you are in the wrong place, then take control and chase what you are interested in. It's never too late chase your dreams.

Speaking of dreams, here's mine. I have aspirations of someday working in international economics with organizations such as the United Nations or the Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade. This dream was a direct result of one of my favorite quotes: "reach for the stars, land in the trees; reach for the trees, land in the mud." Second tip: DREAM BIG! The more you tell yourself you can, the more you will!

As a student at Sault College, I learned one of the most important skills any student should have; how to study effectively. Now, we've all heard that everyone has a different study style and that we just need to figure out what works for us as individuals. Well, here's a really good tip for anyone willing to try something new. Don't go to the library. I know it sounds crazy, but just think about it for a minute…where do most people go to study…the library! That means that often times if you're worried about running into people that will distract you or too many people talking, then in all likelihood, they will be at the library too! Which leads me to the best study tip that I know and can share. Find someplace semi-quiet (unless your someone who can't stand ANY noise) such as an empty classroom, the lounge during a class period (when it's not likely to have as many people), or even the cafeteria between meal times. I also find that bringing an iPod with some chill/easy listening tunes helps too.

It is my expectation that the next four years at Ryerson are going to be pretty much the best ever. As is clear after rooting through the many different web pages for student services, campus clubs and groups, as well as the RSU and program student unions; Ryerson has many things to offer it's students. However, it is up to the student to make the best of them. If you're a first year and you're confused and frustrated with trying to figure out how everything works, just remember to STAY CALM. Everything is never as bad as it seems and it'll all work out. I've been reading the dozens and dozens of comments posted on the Facebook groups and there's one thing that is already quite obvious: we're all in this together! So when you start feeling like you're going to pull your hair out, just remember that you have a huge network of other students ready and willing to help you out; not to mention the university staff that are hired to help us. Personally, I think that camaraderie and networking that occurs, especially within each program, is one of the best parts of the university experience.

Although it seems like the summer hardly started, September just cannot get here fast enough for my liking. I look forward to meeting all of you and if you see me around on campus, don't be shy!

Best wishes to all,
Kate MacKay
Thank-you for your wise words Kate! If you would like to share your story and join the blogging team, throw me an email! facescom@arts.ryerson.ca


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