Lounges, and Labs, and Offices, Oh My!

That's right folks, in this post I'm going to show you all the places I wish I was savy to in first year. This post is not only for incoming students, because some of you upper year students still may not know about these hot spots on campus for faculty of arts students!

The Arts Lounge: POD 349
This is a multi-use space that is specifically for Faculty of Arts students. There are couches, desks, tables and chairs, chalk boards, and bulletin boards for each course union to use however they please. Faculty of Arts students use this space in many ways- for group study and group projects, to eat lunch, to hang out between class, to hold meetings, or to catch up on readings!

p.s. Something to keep in mind is that student leaders are working on a proposal to secure funding to remodel to Arts Lounge with some much needed new furniture!

The Arts Lab: POD 356

The arts lab is also located on the third floor of Podium and is a computer lab just for arts students. Since the computers on the first floor of the library can fill up fast, the Arts Lab is a great resource for arts students to work on essays, do research or check email between classes. The best part about the Arts Lab- FREE PRINTING. you heard me.

note: the arts lab is closed for the summer, so I can't show you the inside!
p.s. If you're an incomming student and don't know how to sign in to the computers in the Arts Lab, it's simple- your user name is the first part of your Ryerson email (ex. jsmith, or john.smith) and your password is your student number, once you sign in with this informaiton you will be prompted to set up a new password.

The Student Experience Centre: POD 344

This is located on the third floor of Podium and it is the centre for all support staff for faculty of Arts students. The awesome folk in the student experience centre work to ensure you have a great experience in university, both inside and outside the classroom. Here you will find our very own student life coordinator who works with student leaders to help foster community within the faculty of arts, our community liason who facilitates the experiential learning program and assists students going on exhanges, as well as two counsellors: a career counsellor and a personal counselor. Don't be shy to take advantage of all these great resources!

Black, Comfy Chairs
Most Ryerson students know exactly what you mean when you say "Meet me at the black comfy chairs" They are located on both the first and second floors of the Library building (by the starbucks, and by the cafeteria). Upon your first visit to Ryerson you probably noticed the black comfy chairs or maybe you even tested them out! This is my personal favorite hangout, whether I'm meeting up with friends, having lunch or doing readings! What's great about them is that they're just big enough to fit two people to snuggle up to your gf, bf, or bff!

Warning: while great to share with a close friend or loved one, do not attempt to share with someone you hardly know- this will make for an awkward experience!

The quad is the grassy area located in the middle of Kerr Hall, and is also a personal favorite hangout spot! Students use this spot to play sports, read, eat, hangout and catch some sun! When you're in the Quad, it doesn't even feel like you're downtown Toronto, it's a nice mini-getaway from the hustle and bustle of the busy streets.

Take advantage of the quad while the weather is still nice, mark my words,you'll be missing it by november!


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