Getting to Campus

Guess what? School is starting in just over a month! Crazy right? Like many of you, I feel like summer just started and I can't beleive we are almost in August. So, I thought it was about time to start talking about the basics of campus life- how are you getting here?!

Ryerson is unique in that a large majority of our students commute from across the entire GTA- from neighborhoods in Scarborough, North York, Etobicoke, Richmond Hill, Missisauga and many more. There are over 5000 students living off campus in first year alone! If you're a first year and living off campus, scroll down to find out about the ROLL program.

As someone whose used many different methods of getting to campus over the years due to a few moves (first year- walking, second year-TTC, third year- biking), I have a good feeling of some of the advantages and disadvantages to each- so let me grace you with my wise words as I list some +'s and -'s for each mode of transportation to campus.

+environmentally friendly
+good for your body
-exposed to the weather, rain or shine
-slowest method of transportation

+Free (other than cost of bike)
+environmentally friendly
+ good for your body
+bike room storage on campus (for 10$ a month call 416-979-5008 if interested)
+many bike racks on campus
-can be unsafe/dangerous on the busy streets of Toronto
-exposed to all weather conditions


+Fast (depending on traffic!)
+Sheltered from weather conditions
-expensive (gas and parking!)
-harmful to the environment
-limited parking on campus

Public Transportation
+available for everyone in the GTA
+shelter from weather conditions
-you have to wait, and wait...and wait
-crowds at rush hour
-expensive on a student budget

Take the poll to let us know how you get to campus, and we'll which method of transportation takes the #1 spot!
How do you get to campus?
Public Transportation
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If you are an incoming first year, and are living off campus, check out this link for the ROLLS (Ryerson Off Campus Living Links) to get connected to the student leaders in your area as well as off-campus commuters in your area!


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