What Sets the Arts Apart?

Here are a few of the many responses I've gotten when I say I'm in the arts:

"Oh, cool! what kind of things do you paint?"

"So...what are you going to do after school with that...?"

"So you're going to be a teacher! What grade do you want to teach?"

Even though there are really creative people in the arts who CAN paint, and there are those who will make excellent teachers, I for one am not one of them. Just as I know there are many of you arty folk who enjoy the arts for the arts.

So what does it mean to be in the Arts?

It has taken me a while to figure this question out myself because at first it mostly meant that I didn't have to do any math. But I've learned over the last couple years that being in the arts means getting a well rounded education. We are all getting smarter each minute we sit in the classroom- can you feel it? And not smarter by learning formulas or memorizing all the different types of cells in a plant, but by developing our rational thought and critical thinking skills. But what does that mean? Just think of the old saying "thinking outside the box". That's our strong point, and that's an invaluable skill- we can solve real-world problems and become the leaders of tomorrow. Think I'm sounding a bit cheesy? Well, it's true!

In a way, in every faculty we are all learning how the world works- just in different ways. In the arts, the world becomes more understandable, and through our acquired knowledge of historical events, philosophies, procedures and possibilities, the phenomenon of life becomes coherent.

And with that, I'll stay true to my arts education and leave you with a quote:

"More is experienced in one day in the life of a learned man than in the whole lifetime of an ignorant man." --Seneca

Now I want to hear from YOU!
If you would like to write a blog post about what it means to you to be a student in the arts email me at facescom@arts.ryerson.ca




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