Madeline Begins Her Adventures in Melbourne

Please welcome our guest blogger Madeline, a Faculty of Arts student currently on exchange in Melbourne.

Hey fellow Arts students,

I have been on exchange to Australia for almost one month now, and I couldn’t be happier. The past few weeks have been spent sightseeing, travelling, settling in Melbourne and meeting new people from all over the world.

However, a recent event is definitely worth sharing. As you all know, the Canadian men’s hockey team was set to play the United States for the gold medal in the Olympics. I have met three other Ryerson students who are staying in my residence, and we were determined to watch the hockey game while we were down under. We came across a Canadian hockey pub, and they were playing the gold medal game. The game aired live at 7am Monday morning here in Australia. Us Canadians woke up at 5:30 am to head down to get a seat at the packed bar. Who knew there were so many Canadians living in Melbourne? The bar hosted approximately 300 Canadian hockey fans, and it was an experience of a life time. Never have I been surrounded by so much Canadian pride.

Needless to say, if you caught the game you’ll know how intense and nerve wracking it was. When Crosby scored the winning goal, the whole place erupted. Strangers cheered, high fived and hugged, and everyone broke out singing “O-Canada”! Everyone was united together in Canadian pride. Considering we couldn’t be home to enjoy such a historical Canadian event, there wasn’t anywhere else I would have rather been to watch the game. Although I was so far away, I’ve never felt so close to home and so proud to be Canadian.

That’s all for now, just wanted to share this experience with you. Classes have begun here in Melbourne, but Spring Break is fast approaching. Keep an eye out for my next blog entry within the next few weeks.

(Madeline with fellow Ryerson students Sheila Ramsey, Vedran Mihajlovic, and Mark Iamarino)
(Canadian hockey fans watching the Olympic gold medal game in Melbourne)


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