A LIVE Library?!

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Your Faculty of Arts Career Counsellor has organized a ONE TIME career event exclusively for you. Mark this date in your calendars. On March 5th, 2010 from 10am to 3pm in POD 250 there will be a LIVE Library!

What is a LIVE Library?

It is a rare opportunity designed to address your unique educational and career planning needs. Established well respected professionals in Arts related careers will be at Ryerson University to answer your individual questions about how to start planning for the career you want when you graduate. Here is how the day will unfold.

During the day, you will have the opportunities to “sign out” a “Live Book” who is a professional representing a particular Arts related career. You will then be able to sit down with them one-on-one to ask them several questions, such as:

o What kinds of experiences do I need to work in your field?
o What types of qualifications do employers look for in an ideal candidate?
o Do you hire candidates with Arts Degrees?
o Are there advantages and disadvantages to having an Arts degree?
o How important is graduate school?
o What specific skills are in demand?
o What did you do to get your first professional break?
o What type of activities do you suggest that students engage in to increase their skill sets?

Each Arts student who signs out a “Live Book” will have a maximum of 20 minutes to have their queries addressed. Of course, if there are no line ups, you and your Book can continue for a longer period of time. You are able to sign out as many books as you want. Additionally, two Career Counsellors will be on site to assist you before and after you meet with the books to debrief and help you with your next steps.

If you are wondering what types of Live Books will be on reserve for you, see the attached file! For now, mark your calendars and tell your friends! This is a ONE TIME opportunity exclusively to students in the Faculty of Arts. So come spend the day with us, learn about how to plan for your career, enjoy some good food and fun! And did I mention there are prizes?

See you at the Live Library!


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