Arteries 2010

That’s right Faculty of Arts students, it’s that time again: it’s essay season. Long nights in the library and looming deadlines may be getting you down as we come into this last stretch of the fall semester. However, the Faculty of Arts is home to a great diversity of programs, and as Arts students, we have the opportunity to explore so many interesting topics from many different subject areas. So, chances are you have at least one paper this term that you’re particularly engaged with and interested in. If this is the case, the 2009-2010 Arteries Committee would like to extend an exciting opportunity to you: the chance to present your paper at our 3rd annual undergraduate research conference.

Arteries gives you the opportunity to get more out of the work you put into writing your essay by giving you the unique opportunity to present it an academic conference, which is an experience most students don’t get to have at the undergraduate level. Not only will you have the chance to share your work and ideas with faculty and your peers but the experience will prepare you for future endeavours in academia and will also look great on a grad school application.

To view abstracts of essays presented at our past conferences, visit and, and be sure to join our Facebook group:
If you’re interested in being a presenter at the 2010 Arteries Undergraduate Research Conference read the Call for Papers below for all the details you need.


This conference aims to provide a forum for Ryerson undergraduate students to present their best essays to their peers. Arteries 2009 will promote undergraduate research through the sharing of ideas within and across disciplines hosted by Faculty of Arts.
We welcome essays submitted by any student registered in any undergraduate program at Ryerson in any of the following areas: Arts and Contemporary Studies; Caribbean Studies; Criminal Justice and Criminology; Economics; English; French and Spanish; Geography; History; Music; Philosophy; Politics and Governance/Public Administration; Psychology; and Sociology. More generally, we are looking for papers that are related to the humanities and social sciences.

Selection Process: Essays will be reviewed by a committee of six referees (three professors and three senior students) from the Faculty of Arts. Students whose essays have been selected will present their work in short sessions on February 26th, 2010.

Eligibility: Any current Ryerson undergraduate student is eligible to submit a paper.

Submitting an Essay: Essays should be a minimum of 5 pages in length, and authors should be able to present their work in no more than 20 minutes. To ensure anonymous evaluation, submissions should not contain a title page or any indication of the author’s name or department, school, program or course. Students may only submit one essay, and should consider their submissions carefully.

Essays should be submitted electronically, as an attachment (.pdf, .doc, .wpd), to the following address: Your email must include the following: your full name; student number; program of study; year of study; email address; title of the essay, and a short summary of the essay (no more than 300 words).

All submissions must be received via email by January 11th,2010, 11:59pm.

For submissions, further information, or to volunteer to help organize this event, please see: or contact


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