Jerome Morgan and T.O. 2 Rio

My name is Jerome Morgan and I am a fourth year psychology student. Over the summer I traveled to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil for a four-week experiential learning project. This project was called “T.O. 2 RIO” and was also an initiative I developed for the Faculty of Arts Experiential Learning Grant. I have always wanted to connect social justice work in the community to academic learning. The Faculty of Arts Grant gave me that opportunity to get support for something I was passionate about.

When I was in Brazil I was able to learn and grow with the community through participation in community festivals, initiatives and volunteering in youth programs. I was given the opportunity to build stronger bonds with my host family, learn more about the social environment of the low income and racialized communities of Rio de Janeiro. I also shared who I was as a university student, Canadian and eldest of 6 children, with Jamaican/African ancestry with the community. The overall experience challenged me in a way to live my life today, better than yesterday. I also recognized that this initiative opened up a huge window of knowledge and awareness around my future goals.

I am currently working with Dr. Wade Pickren, (a cultural psychologist) on a cross-cultural research practicum project and I will be earning a credit at the end of the semester. This research project looks at Liberation psychology in Brazil and other countries in South America. When completed I will be transcribing it into Brazilian Portuguese and sending back copies to community members. I will also be using this research practicum in my graduate school application, in my goal to study cultural anthropology.

I hope this initiative inspires the Ryerson community to think outside of the box of how learning can be transformed in and out of the classroom.

To learn more about the Faculty of Arts' Student Experiential Learning Project Grants and how you could be a recipient of up to $1500 visit the Faculty of Arts Involvement Fair on September 30th from 10:30am-2pm on the upper floor of the Hub Cafeteria.


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