Money, money, money!

Hello Faculty of Arts students!

This exciting update is specifically for our incoming first year students. Want free money?! Of course you do, so read on.

University can be expensive and so it's important to seek out resources from wherever you can get them. This year there are a new set of bursaries available for first year undergraduate students, the Birchall Bursaries. For the 2009-2010 academic year 5 bursaries of $5,000.00 and 10 bursaries of $2,500.00, will be given out for each of the five undergraduate faculties. Bursaries are renewable. This is a fantastic opportunity and means that a bunch of these bursaries are only available to YOU, first year Faculty of Arts students.

It is shocking how often these types of bursaries don't get applied for and then the money doesn't go to anyone. So, apply apply apply! And hurry! The deadline of August 14 (at noon) is fast appraoching. The application can be found here:, the potential pay-off for filling it out is huge!

That's all folks, I hope you enjoy the beautiful weekend ahead of us.

Until next time,


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