The Faculty of Arts Cheer Off!

The Faculty of Arts 2009 Orientation is fast approaching... my countdown is on: 5 more sleeps! And here on the Student Life Team we hope you're all excited as you are to get the school year off to a really fun start.

In case you haven't yet heard about this exciting event, here are the details you need:

Date: Tuesday, September 1, 2009.
Time: 10:30am – 4:00pm
Location: Meet in the Upper Gym
Located on the second floor of Kerr Hall West (379 Victoria Street), see campus map. Directional signs to the Upper Gym will be posted inside the building.

This event is MANDATORY for incoming Faculty of Arts students and will include your academic orientation. If you are entering Arts & Contemporary Studies, Criminal Justice, Geographic Analysis, International Economics & Finance, Politics & Governance, Psychology, Sociology or Undeclared Arts in September, please be sure to attend.

We’ll be starting off the day by meeting in the Upper Gym where you’ll sign in and have a chance to mix and mingle with upper year students, staff, faculty, and most importantly: other first year students. We have a full day’s worth of events planned for you that not only promise to be a lot of fun but will also help you orient yourself on campus and settle into university life.
Be sure to print a copy of your timetable off of RAMSS and bring it with you to orientation! For more details, please see our Facebook event or e-mail

The Faculty of Arts at Ryerson is a close-knit community that we're all proud to be a part of. To express our pride and spirit and to get ready for Orientation we've decided to hold a cheer off! We asked all of our orientation volunteers to work in groups to come up with the ULTIMATE Faculty of Arts cheer. The entries are in and now it's up to you to decide which is the best. They're all listed below so your mission, should you choose to complete it, is to read through the list, select your favourite and vote for it in the poll on the left-hand sidebar. So come on Faculty of Arts, let's show the rest of the Ryerson community what we've got!

1. - to the tune of the Looney Tunes song
Art students it’s alright
This is it, your semester of arts
So let’s all have some fun
Now it’s on with the show
This is it!

A-R-T-S, we do it best
we keep it fresh
S-T-R-A, forwards, backwards, anyway
S-T-A-R, we’re the best
It’s who we are!

One: we are the Arts!
OR One: we are from the Arts!
Two: A little louder…
Three: I still can’t hear you…
Four – more, more, more
(Repeat….from quiet to LOUD)!

4. to the tune of the U-G-L-Y song
We’re from the arts,
We’re the best

ACS, Soc, Psyc,
And all the rest

Its all Arts
We are the best!

Leaders: Who at Ryerson has the most heart?
Everyone: We do… The Faculty of Arts X2

Everyone: FOA, FOA X2


Arts Faculty is all we need…
And school spirit we have indeed!
Yay, Arts! X2
Go Ryerson! X2

Leader: Arts…Arts…We’re all about the smarts
Everyone: Arts…Arts…We’re all about the smarts

Leader: We’re really really witty (pause) –
sharp like darts
Everyone: We’re really really witty (pause) – sharp like darts

Everyone: Arts…Arts…We’re all about the smarts X2

Leader: Sooo many books we carry them in carts
Everyone: Sooo many books we carry them in carts

Everyone: Arts…Arts…We’re all about the smarts X3

The Faculty of the Arts…
Is the Best!

We have the smarts
You can’t spell smarts
Without spelling ARTS!

The Faculty of the Arts…
Is the Best! X2

We are the ARTS!
With such big hearts!
Come join our team,
To find YOUR Dream!

There they are, so hurry, hurry and cast your vote... you only have until 4:00pm on August 31st before the poll closes.

Cheers (hehe pun intended),


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