Welcome Thomas!

So I’m going to be honest with you. This is my first BLOG…EVER
I wanted it to be good, and wanted people to like it, so I got a little help from my good friends at WikiHow: “How to start a blog”
So here it goes.
Wish me luck.

I guess I’ll start with a name. My name. My name is Thomas, I tell people I’m from Newmarket, Ontario. When really, I am not. I’m actually from Holland Landing, it’s a small little community in the Town of East Gwillumbury in between Bradford and Newmarket, and no one knows where Holland Landing is so I say Newmarket… even though when I say I’m from Newmarket, people still question where it is? (PS- 45 minutes North of Toronto via GoTrain)

So now you know a little bit more about me, and where I am from…but what am I all about?

Well, commencing Fall 2009, I will be attending RYERSON UNIVERSITY (WOO!) for Politics and Governance! I am ridiculously excited for school to start.
(I haven’t been this excited for school to actually begin in probably…. Ever!)
I cannot seriously wait!
Excited to meet many new friends
Excited to meet many highly educated people
Excited to be in TORONTO for school
Excited to join a new network on Facebook…LMAO (I’m so lame!)
Excited Excited Exxxxxxcited!

So far there are two things that are sucking BIG TIME about Ryerson:
1. The lack of a Ryerson E-mail
a) I need it to join the new network on Facebook. I may not be able to wait until August…the anticipation is killing ME
2. The fact that apparently anyone who attends Ryerson goes into GCM or Business
a) Obviously, I know there are more programs than just business and GCM, but you look at those Ryerson Facebook groups and seriously…everyone goes into GCM or business!
i. What is GCM anyway?
So, now you now know I am going to Ryerson, but what made me choose this place?
Well I picked it for the following reasons:
1) Small class sizes
a) Everyone else is in GCM right?
2) Small tight- knit community
a) Can meet more people
b) Join more clubs
3) Sticking it to other school ;]
a) Getting accepted to great schools like: Western, UToronto, UOttawa, YorkU…
and I picked RYERSON… the obvious better choice
4) Heard great things from:
a) Sister- Social Work (Graduated June 2009!)
b) Uncle- Pre- ‘Ryerson University’ days. When he went it was a polytechnic institute, or something like that
c) Aunt- also went when Ryerson was just a polytechnic school
i. (BTW: I thought it was a Polytechnical…but MicrosoftWord isn’t recognizing ‘polytechnical’ as a word, so I’ll go with the correction ‘polytechnic.’

And lastly…

a) Steps to the Eaton’s Centre
b) Entertainment district a bus stop a way
c) A couple subway stops to City Hall (Boo strike!) and Provincial Buildings (Haha I got to be close to those…I am going into politics!)
d) DOWNTOWN- What could be better than DOWNTOWN TORONTO, the besssst city in the UNIVERSE

So in closing, this is the end of my first BLOG
I sincerely hope you liked it; I did have fun writing it and I hope you learned some stuff about me: name, where I live, where I am going, why I picked Ryerson etc etc, if I write more, maybe you’ll learn more what my favorite color is, or favorite holiday or favorite food or… I’ll just leave it to the next one.


Figure 1 Up Close and Personal

- Thomas

PS- Blue (and Gold), Thanksgiving and Candy :]

Attention: If you, like Thomas, are a new student starting at Ryerson in September take his lead and introduce yourself to the Ryerson community! Just leave a comment on this entry or send your own blog entry to facescom@arts.ryerson.ca, we'd love to hear from you!


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