RedBall at Ryerson

Faculty of Arts Student Life video bloggers, Sarah and Idil, with the RedBall.
Being situated right in the middle of downtown Toronto means that, whether it’s a musical event, a cultural festival or a political protest, there’s always something exciting going down on or around the Ryerson campus. But what did I find when I made my way towards Jorgenson Hall en route to work this morning? A big (and I mean huge) red ball. While I did do a bit of a double-take, I had already heard about this nomadic art piece, which is showing up in different parts of the city as part of the LuminaTO festival. Otherwise, I might have feared aliens had showed up to play tricks on us during the night.

The RedBall Project is the brain child of Kurt Perschke and it has already travelled around other major cities across the globe, from Chicago to Barcelona but this is the RedBall’s premiere visit to Canada. Through his travelling installation Perschke hopes to help us re-imagine our urban spaces, to reveal the infinite possibilities that lay beneath our seemingly everyday cityscapes. The LuminaTO web site explains, “RedBall represents an immediate creative impulse embedded in all of us - the simple act of seeing afresh.”

So if you’re around campus today be sure to come check out this perspective-changing, world travelling piece of urban art because not only is the RedBall at Ryerson today but it’s right in front of the Podium building, our very own Faculty of Arts turf! If you have an encounter with the RedBall send photos to and we’ll post them on the blog!

There’s never a dull moment here at Ryerson University and that’s what I love about it.


For more information on the RedBall Project:


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