It's Cultural Recycling, Not Cultural Garbage

I saw the new Star Trek film last week. It was apparently an attempt to revive the series by way of big budgets, action sequences, and good looking new actors.

And it worked. The movie was very accessible to a layperson who knows nothing about Klingons or Cardassians (note: I was shocked to see that spell check did not pick up 'Klingon' as a spelling mistake. Star Trek has permeated spell check!). I have heard some complaints though. There are fans who find it appalling that the movie creates a new continuity that is not necessarily in canon with the original films. Phrases like 'unfaithful' or 'betrayal' have been thrown around.

This is an unfair judgement. All the best stories are meant to be told again and again in new forms. The fact that Star Trek is starting over shows how strong the themes and characters are that they continue to reappear in our culture. The movie is not an insult, but the greatest compliment to a series that had started to become irrelevant.

This happened has happened before. A few years ago, when the film 'Troy' was released people were devastated that Homer's Iliad had not been followed word-for-word. In reality, there were many different versions of what happened at Troy, and the film was just putting its own spin on it. Maybe it was too commercial and Hollywood- but that's the world we live in.

So, I implore you all to give every remake, revision, and reinvention a chance. Now if you'll excuse me, I have to go catch 90210.


For more on the Star Trek argument, check out this video at The Onion


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