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It's no secret that the Faculty of Arts has been expanding rapidly since its inception a some years back. Carla Cassidy, dean of our faculty, comments on this on the Ryerson website: "The Faculty of Arts is undergoing dramatic growth as we introduce programs, new undergraduate and graduate degrees, and a fresh approach to education."

It's no surprise then, that we have students transferring over from all walks of life. Michelle Melski was in her third year in Journalism, and decided to make the switch to the Faculty of Arts. This budding writer is confidant that a move to Arts and Contemporary Studies will help her achieve her goals.

Why the switch from journalism at Ryerson?

Journalism is a great programme, but it's geared towards applied knowledge. I want to work more on my conceptual thinking. I'm also not a competitive person, so I found it too stressful. Journalism will always be a part of my life though. I've made many good contacts through it. I'm going to be interviewing the Jonas Brothers when they come to Toronto host the MMVAs. I'm doing that as a freelance journalist for the magazine, Tiger Beat. Currently I'm interning at Remote Stylist. A one stop destination for deals, trends and advice in the home decor world.

What will the Faculty Arts provide for you?

I'm looking to broaden my view of the world. I also want to fulfill my novel fix. There's lots of reading in ACS. I also love writing essays. I have a lot of friends in ACS, and they speak highly of it. I know I'll be in good company.

How will the switch help your career?

I would ideally like to be a writer of some sort. My ultimate goal is to write a novel. A good novel. To be skilled at anything, you need to know the backstory. ACS will certainly cover that with its broad study of history, literature and philosophy. A programme like that can only improve my writing skills.

Michelle Melski is currently interning for Remote Stylist, an online home decor destination. She will be joining us at the Faculty of Arts this upcoming September.

- gint


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