Doors Open Toronto

I recently went out and explored "Doors Open Toronto." It's an annual events wherein a lot of unique or noteworthy buildings are opened to the public to view. I decided to check out New City Hall, Old City Hall specifically. These are building I pass by frequently, and yet have never been inside. I certainly didn't find anything earth-shattering while touring either structure, but it did give me a visual of the city's inner workings.

The Doors Open Toronto project shed some light on culture in the city for me. There was an expansive list of places to visit, and while I was only able to see a few, it got me more motivated to get to know my city better. There are plenty of awesome sites that many people have never visited. Three stand out in my mind that are entertainging to go to, no matter how many times you've been there.

The Toronto Islands

We have an island. Need I say more? You can go to the hedge maze, nude beach, or just have a wholesome time biking through this oft-missed gem.

The Reference Library

This is definitely not just a place for nerds (though if you have a soft spot for nerds, it is a good hunting ground). This library has many events dedicated to different specialties like music, film and acting. It also has books. Check out the $1 used book store on the first floor.

St. Lawrence Market

If you're meat inclined, you can get the best veal sandwich in the city, while enjoying the old-timey feeling of a real market complete with butchers and fishmongers. If a bit more of a hippy, then you can get the best grilled veggie sandwich in the city, and stare in horror at hundreds of animals being butchered and mongered.
- gint


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