Cleanse your way into a trendier lifestyle

If you're in an arts programme, social sciences, or have ever uttered the phrase, "I'm going to a show on Queen Street," you have flirted with one of the following lifestyles:

1) Buddhism / Hinduism
2) Bisexuality
3) Vegetarian / Vegan
4) Bohemia
5) Being a writer and penning an autobiography / Writing a fictionalized version of your life so that no one gets pissed off at you for spilling all their secrets .

And the list goes on-

Maybe it's our need as artsy people to try and be at the 'forefront' of all movements, or just a desire to be wacky. I myself have tried my hand at a few of these, most of which did not stick. But there is one trend related to #3 that I did feel an urge to try recently. I did a week-long cleanse diet consisting of raw fruits & vegetables, water, yoga and relaxation.

Everyone has been doing this 'cleanse' thing recently. Well, it's not actually a new thing. The idea of the cleanse has been around for centuries, if not millennia. And it makes sense. Our body consumes a lot of junk that takes longer to expel out of our system than natural foods. Giving your stomach a week of easy eating is a perfectly logical way to put your system back into a healthy groove.

I quickly realized it's true what they say about a Western Diet. We are all addicted to sugar, salt and fat. Only two days in, I was hit with monumental cravings. I felt like I had quit smoking, gone abstinent, and given up my laptop all at once to give you an idea of the emotions that were surging through me.

But each day got easier, and by the end I actually felt overall healthier and more energetic. I also relished going out with people and saying things like, "Oh, I can't have French Fries. I'm on a cleanse." It is definitely something I will revisit again in the future.

So, I learned my lesson. A carrot stick is worth a chocolate bar any day. All you natural food people were right. Cleansing is more than a fad. It's a legitimately cleansing experience.

See you all at Fresh.



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